Cereja Hotel & Resort Dalat – A haven for admiring the dreamy highland Da Lat

Featuring a garden, bar and views of lake, Cereja Hotel & Resort Dalat is located Tuyen Lam Lake Tourism Area, 15 minutes driving from Da Lat city center. Truc Lam Temple is 3.9 km from Cereja Hotel & Resort Dalat, while Xuan Huong Lake is 9.7 km away. The nearest airport is Lien Khuong Airport, 27.4 km from the resort.

Among the facilities of the property are a restaurant, a fitness center, a meeting room, a 24-hour front desk and room service, along with free high-speed WiFi. The property provide free shuttle bus from the resort to the city center and return twice a day. Concierge service, motorbike rental and tour arrangements are available on request.

The resort provides certain rooms with garden views, others with picturesque lake view and each room includes a balcony, where guests can sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the stunning sunshine.

Cereja Hotel & Resort Dalat offers a buffet or à la carte breakfast at The Garden restaurant, oppositing to Tuyen Lam Lake. While having a freshly made breakfast, the guests can also breathe in the breezy air from the most romantic place in Vietnam.

Discover Da Lat in your own way
Cereja Hotel & Resort is an ideal choice for a tranquil leisure holiday, where you can stay away from urban noises and indulge yourself in the pure nature of the highland.
You can discover the entire Da Lat with just a 15-minute drive to reach the center of Da Lat city.
Great location that enhances all your senses
Da Lat has long been famous for its green pine forests and calm lakes. Choosing Cereja Hotel & Resort as a stop on the journey to this highland, you can both enjoy the greenery and blend in with the poetic and dreamlike scenery of Tuyen Lam lake.
Enjoy the beauty of Da Lat through famous sightseeing spots
Truc Lam Zen Monastery
Truc Lam Zen Monastery practices under Truc Lam Yen Tu zen sect. It is 3.5 km away from Cereja Hotel & Resort, right on Phuong Hoang Mountain, beside Tuyen Lam Lake.
This is not only the largest monastery in Lam Dong, but also the tourist and worshiping attraction of many domestic and foreign visitors.
Datanla Waterfall
Datanla is a large waterfall inside Datanla tourist area –  located about 8 km from Prenn waterfall and 3 km from Cereja Hotel & Resort. This is a famous sight which is frequently visited by tourists.
Cathedral Domaine de Marie
Domaine de Marie Cathedral is 9.6 km away from Cereja Hotel & Resort.
With its unique architectural design, the cathedral attracts a lot of visitors, and various tour companies put this place on their Da Lat sightseeing tour schedules.
Linh Phuoc Pagoda
Linh Phuoc Pagoda is one of the most-mentioned places by tourists. It is a divinely sacred place, suitable for those who come to pray and sightsee.
The pagoda is located at no. 120 Tu Phuoc, Trai Mat, 15 km away from Cereja Hotel & Resort, 8 km from Da Lat city center. It is a unique mosaic work of Da Lat city.
Love Valley
Love Valley is one of the most romantic sights in Da Lat, about 13 km away from Cereja Hotel & Resort, 5 km to the north of the city center. The valley consists of many dreamy landscapes and interesting outdoor activities.
Dreamy Hill (Mong Mo Hill)
Mong Mo Hill is a beautiful landscape of Da Lat, 14 km away from Cereja Hotel & Resort.
Some people consider Mong Mo Hill as a mini Da Lat. It is a newly built tourist resort, with artistic arrangements of villas, lakes, restaurants, amusement parks, souvenir shops,... all of which help create a tourist area that attracts a great number of visitors.
Strawberry Gardens
Do not miss the exciting experience of hand picking and tasting the attractive fresh and juicy reddish strawberries – the famous specialty of Da Lat.
Tri Duc New Zealand strawberry garden is 5.6 km away from Cereja Hotel & Resort.
Uncle Hung strawberry garden is 13 km away from Cereja Hotel & Resort.
Cau Dat Tea Hill
About 25 km from Da Lat center, 30 km from Cereja Hotel & Resort, Cau Dat Tea Hill is the favorite destination of many visitors traveling to Da Lat. Here you will be able to enjoy the scenery as well as the pureness of nature.
Up to April 2017, Cau Dat Tea Hill has been refined and added with more tourist attractions such as a container café or hillside drink stalls, which all make the scenery even more romantic and poetic.
Clay Village Sculpture Tunnel
Being one of the unique tourist attractions in Da Lat, Clay Village lets you admire the vivid clay sculptures, which tell the history of Da Lat city from the early days to a dynamic and modern Da Lat nowadays.
Just take a 10-km trip from Cereja Hotel & Resort and it will be really fascinating to enjoy the mini Da Lat only in one place.
Hang Nga Villa
About 8 km from Cereja Hotel & Resort, Hang Nga Villa stays in top 10 most exotic houses in the world. It is a bizarre location, totally stands out among other villas.
This peculiar "Crazy House" makes countless people curious enough to step inside and discover it, then get amazed by surprise to surprise.
Forest Ghost Inn
Forest Ghost Inn is about 25 km from Da Lat city center, 29 km from Cereja Hotel & Resort. You will have a chance to witness such a magnificent place as in the fairytales.
Golden Valley
Golden Valley Resort is 10 km from Da Lat city center, 21 km from Cereja Hotel & Resort, right next to Dankia Lake – Golden Stream.
Golden Valley is a combination of the natural features of the terrain and the refined artificial arrangements. It attracts tourists by the genuine beauty of the old-growth pine forests and the graceful winding roads.
Da Lat Market
About 8 km from Cereja Hotel & Resort, Da Lat Market is the largest trading center of Da Lat city. It is a place not only for trading, but also for tourists to visit as a sightseeing spot. The market sells a lot of things, varying from food to clothes and handicrafts, so visitors can choose among the specialties to take home as gifts.
Da Lat Market is also the location of the night market with many attractive activities.
Flower Garden Center
Starting from Da Lat Market, heading east of Xuan Huong Lake for 2 km, about 10 km from Cereja Hotel & Resort, City Flower Garden is considered as the "museum of flowers" as over 200 domestic and foreign flower species are stored and bred here, such as varieties of rose, hydrangea, mimosa, rhododendron, gerbera... Visiting this place, visitors can take photos with their beloved amid the colorful flowers.
Lang Biang Plateau
Situated at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, Lang Biang Plateau is 12 km away from the center of Da Lat city and about 15 km from Cereja Hotel & Resort.
Lang Biang Plateau lies between Ong Mountain on the right and Ba Mountain on the left. These two mountains have made their own legend, tied to the story of the Central Highlands’ mountains and the love story born inside the plateau.