Delicious Asian specialties

The hotel serves dishes based on different tastes, meets all your dining needs, and menus for everyone, including halal compliant kitchen. Popular with diners are the unique Malaysian curries and Chinese instant noodles, grilled dishes and pans.

• Sambal Roast Duck
The crispy, crispy crispy and crispy crust and mahogany color. Succulent and unforgettable smell. To serve, the chef put duck on the table and carved on the forehead. Thin and sharp skin is served on a thin cake with cucumber and onion, and with special sauce. Sambal duck sounds similar to Peking Duck but taste differs from the special flavor and spice from Malaysia.

• Experience great meals
Guests can start the day with a bowl of sambal sambal with duck, at lunch, guests can order combo dishes for each of the five dishes of Asian and Vietnamese style. For those who prefer a more robust dinner, BBQ is a great barbecue option, with fresh seafood, beef, sausage, satay and stir-fried on baking. In addition, the hotel also offers a variety of other dishes that visitors unforgettable.

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