Restaurant and bar

Our main restaurant serves European and Asian dishes that will suit various customers’ tastes.
We have buffet breakfast and à la carte lunch and dinner. To enjoy outdoor BBQ parties, please inform and order at least 1 day in advanced.
To bring customers chances to enjoy clean and healthy food made from natural ingredients freshly-picked throughout the day,  the restaurant offer dishes that are cooked in a simple way with organic ingredients – one specialty of Da Lat..
+ Must-try
Green salad with oil and vinegar dressing
Each season, which comes with its typical kinds of vegetables and fruits, the right vegetables will be selected at the farm early in the morning, so as to create such a tasty and appealing dish of salad with vibrant colors. The slight sourness from the sauce will arouse your taste buds, providing a great start to your meal.
Da Lat creamy pumpkin soup
In the chilling weather of Da Lat, enjoying a bowl of hot soup along with the taste of rich cream gives a heavenly feeling. Hence, our Da Lat creamy pumpkin soup is the impressive dish that will dedicate to all of our guests the experience of good food in its entirety.
+ Location
Basement 1 of building B
+ Opening hours
06:30 am – 10:00 pm daily

Our bar serves drinks ranging from traditional Da Lat wine, signature flower teas, world-famous cocktails, to healthy drinks made from organic fruits and vegetables available all over Da Lat.
With a special design including both indoor and outdoor areas, you can both enjoy a healthy drink early in the morning and savor some fine wine in a cozy night party.
+ Must-try
Ginger Hoty
Ginger Hoty is a healthy juice that includes some slight sourness of apple and lemon, a little bit spiciness of ginger, and much original freshness of watermelon juice. Waking up to a glass of Ginger Hoty every morning will surely give you full energy for a whole day full of inspiration.
Mulled wine
Fine red wine from Da Lat is moderately heated enough for both ladies and gentlemen to be able to savor the signature flavor of the wine and get fascinated by the unforgettable flavor, which only exists in Cereja Hotel & Resort.
+ Location
Basement of building B2
+ Opening hours
10:00 am – 11:00 pm daily
Airport pick up and drop off service
Cereja Hotel & Resort offers airport shuttle service on demand, saving you time and money for your stay. Please contact Receptionist at (0263) 7300888 for best service.
Cooking classes
Experience the true Da Lat by cooking delicious dishes from fresh ingredients of the highland, together with your family and friends. Your meal will be really tasty with the help and instruction from our culinary experts.
Bicycle rental service
Cereja Hotel & Resort offers bicycle rental service for guests to explore the sceneries of the romantic Tuyen Lam Lake.
Laundry Service
Laundry services on demand are always ready to serve. Please contact Receptionist at (0263) 7300888.
Massage & spa
Massage & spa center will be opened soon.

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